Personal Training FAQs

Who hires a Personal Trainer?

No matter what your age or fitness level, a Trainer can help you to accomplish whatever goals you set your mind to and will ensure your experience is personalized to suit your needs. People hire trainers for many different reasons, some of which include: motivation, education, weight loss, pregnancy preparation or recovery, rehabilitation, body toning / reshaping, muscle building . That's what makes it personal! Many of our clients also belong to gyms, but prefer to train with their trainer at home.

Where do sessions take place?

Sessions can take place wherever you feel most comfortable working out, whether it is in the comfort of your home, in your condominium's gym, at your workplace or outdoors for a little fresh air. Very little space is required to get a great workout!

Do I need to have my own equipment?

No, but having the basics is helpful. The basics: an exercise mat, or beach towel for floor work and a few sets of dumbbells would make your session that much more effective. Each trainer has a variety of their own portable equipment that they may also incorporate into your sessions.

What is the duration & recommended frequency of sessions?

Sessions are 55 minutes in length and are scheduled in advance. You can choose to workout with your Trainer as often or as little as you'd like. However, the minimum requirement for FPT is 1 session per week. Most clients prefer to train two to three times per week for effectiveness.

What happens during a session?

Your trainer will work to build a customized plan to meet your specific goals. During your session you will perform a variety of exercises under the guidance and motivation of your personal trainer. You will train at an appropriate intensity and be educated on proper form to ensure your safety and success. The intensity of each training session will gradually increase as you become more familiar with the exercises. Each session may include cardio, muscle conditioning, core work, flexibility, nutrition or a combination of all of these. Your trainer will strive to make every session educational, fun and an efficient use of your time together.

Will I receive nutritional guidance?

If you are interested in receiving nutritional guidance your trainer may request for you to track your food consumption in a food log for a period of approximately one week. Your trainer will assess your current dietary habits and may then educate you on: portion control, meal frequency, food choices and appropriate caloric intake. Proper nutrition is the key to your continued success! If you require further dietary assistance we may recommend you book an optional appointment with a nutritionist.

What are the benefits of in-home personal training?


Training in the comfort and privacy of your own home or condo gym eliminates the distraction and discomfort often felt by some exercisers when training at a public gym

Maximize Your Time

Your in home personal trainer will ensure you are gaining the maximum benefit in the shortest time possible. By performing the correct exercises at the correct intensity and frequency your trainer will help you progress more rapidly towards achieving your goals. By training at home you also eliminate the commute to and from the gym.

Accountability and Motivation

Your trainer will design a program unique to your needs, schedule time to work with you, and travel to your home. Time and energy will be invested in helping you achieve your goals. Your trainer will be highly engaged which will help motivate you to achieve and exceed your health and fitness expectations.

What areas do you service?

We service all areas within the Greater Toronto area.

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